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Who Runs The Internet?

Have you ever wondered just who it is who runs the internet? Well, I know I have, and this graphic released by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers explains it. Image courtesy ICANN.

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Using R For Statistical Analysis – Two Useful Videos

Many people use R, an extensible, community-maintained language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is a powerful system, but one of the complaints I have heard is that getting started can be a little difficult. So this week, … Continue reading

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How Do Scientists Use Supercomputers?

Last week, I was asked by a bright teenager interested in science just what made supercomputers “super” and what did scientists do with them. This was a great question, and honestly I found it hard to answer in simple English.  … Continue reading

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Knowledge Discovery from Mining Big Data – Presentation by Kirk Borne

My friend and colleague Kirk Borne, of George Mason University, is a specialist in the modern field of data mining and astroinformatics.  I was delighted to learn that he was giving a talk on an introduction to this topic as … Continue reading

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The Keck Observatory Archive Is Expanding to Serve All Instruments

This year sees the W.M. Keck Observatory celebrating its 20th birthday, and the observatory is marking the anniversary with a series of events for astronomers and for the general public. The Observatory has had enormous impact on astronomical research, and … Continue reading

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Astronomy Source Code Library Closes In On 600 Codes!

Since I first wrote about it in in July 2011, the Astronomy Source Code Library (ASCL) has grown from referencing 200 codes to close on 600. This valuable resource, run entirely by volunteer effort, indexes codes that have been used … Continue reading

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