My name is Bruce Berriman. I am an astronomer and computer scientist at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, California Institute of Technology.  I will be blogging about astronomy computing topics that interest me, primarily scalable astronomy applications; the application of new technology to astronomy, especially cloud computing; software sustainability; and advances on software project management.

3 Responses to About

  1. Your blog is an excellent resource. I’m very much interested in what you’re writing about.

  2. Soren Wagner says:

    Hello, I’m writing you in regards to a blog, which I help maintain, Jot101 (http://www.jot101.com) – A jot is a piece of information, short or long – found or researched.

    We’ve linked to you because the nature of your site is relevant to ours, and it enriches the our site as a whole. And I’m emailing you now in hopes you may find the same to be true on yours. We’re very consistent in our updates and believe very much in the value of what we put out there, and we’re hoping to increase our traffic. If you don’t mind throwing up a hyperlink somewhere, it would certainly be appreciated. If not, we certainly have no problem with that. Just reaching out!

    You can find your link on the righthand column about half-way down the page. Any replies are certainly welcome.

    Soren Wagner

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