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Astroinformatics 2010

Last week I attended the Astroinformatics 2010 conference at Caltech.  As is the case for nearly all sciences, astronomy is  being transformed by the vast quantities of data now public. The conference explored how innovations in information technology are changing … Continue reading

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A Case Study in Software Modernization

This week, I am going to write about a very successful example of software modernization, performed by my colleagues Anastasia Alexov, John Good and Iffat Khan at IPAC. They rewrote a unique legacy application for combining far-infrared astronomy data, Scanpi. … Continue reading

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One Model For Software Sustainability

Last week, I said I would start making some posts on software sustainability. This week I will talk about an approach to sustainable software architecture that has been successfully applied over a period of 10 years to software services at … Continue reading

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Software Sustainability

Software sustainability has become a widely discussed topic lately. I have been involved in sustaining software architectures for over a decade now, and I will write more about my thoughts on best practices next week. For now, though, software practitioners … Continue reading

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