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A New Python Pipeline for Reducing NIRSPEC Data Acquired at the Keck Observatory

The Keck Observatory Archive (KOA) ( has just released a new data reduction pipeline (NSDRP) for data acquired with the Keck Observatory NIRSPEC cross-dispersed infrared echelle spectrograph. The pipeline is intended to reduce high-resolution (0.947 – 2.63 um) object spectra. … Continue reading

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The SAMI Data Archive: A Prototype of An Archive of the Future?

Astronomy data sets are not simply exploding in size – they are exploding in complexity too. Witness the data sets obtained from integral-field spectroscopy (IFS).  While the Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral-field spectrograph (SAMI) survey has exceeded measurements of 1,000 galaxies, surveys such … Continue reading

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Brian Schmidt’s Keynote at ADASS XXV. October 27 2015.

This year’s Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems conference (ADASS XXV) is being held in Sydney, Australia, hosted by CAASTRO. Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt delivered a keynote address about the impact of software and data access on astronomy. Fifty years … Continue reading

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