Using R For Statistical Analysis – Two Useful Videos

Many people use R, an extensible, community-maintained language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is a powerful system, but one of the complaints I have heard is that getting started can be a little difficult. So this week, I am posting useful video tutorials I discovered. One is EconomiCurtis Introduction to R – A Brief Tutorial for R (Software for Statistical Analysis):

If you want to follow along, the data used in the video are here: and the R-Code is here: You can help loading data here:…

A second tutorial is An Introduction to R for Data Mining, a webinar presented by Joseph Rickart.

Rickart writes that the aims of the tutorial are:

  • “Provide an orientation to R’s data mining resources.
  • Show how to use the “point and click” open source data mining GUI, rattle, to perform the basic data mining functions of exploring and visualizing data, building classification models on training data sets, and using these models to classify new data.
  • Show the simple R commands to accomplish these same tasks without the GUI.
  • Demonstrate how to build on these fundamental skills to gain further competence in R
  • Move away from using small test data sets and show with the same level of skill one could analyze some fairly large data sets with RevoScaleR”

You can download the slides here.

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