Summer App Space Innovation Speaker Series

Summer App Space is a paid apprenticeship for LA students and teachers to learn to program while getting paid to do fun space-related projects, and this year they are funding 12 students to attend a six-week school learning to program in Python.

Part of this program is the Innovation Speaker Series, where “industry leaders in  astronomy, astrophysics, aerospace, software engineering, investment, and entrepreneurship (startups) share their journey and technical knowledge.”  These talks are I think of broad value and interest. Speakers to date include Adam Lichtl, CEO at Delta Brain; Athena Ahmadi, Software Engineer at Google; Sean M. Carroll, theoretical physicist at Caltech; Andrew Pryor-Miller, Quality Assurance Engineer Lead at Snapchat; D.A. Wallach, recording artist, songwriter, investor, and essayist; and my colleague at IPAC, Solange Ramirez. The talks are posted on-line at the Summer App Space web page and on YouTube on the Caltech channel.

Here are my two favorite talks.  Sean Carroll speaking about his life in science and scientific outreach.



and Solange Ramirez on Bridging Science and Engineering. Solange describes how she came to realize the need to have an interdisciplinary approach to science and her career.

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