My Favorite Computing Videos on YouTube

I have often been asked what are my favorite computing videos on YouTube. There are so many, it’s hard to give a definitive answer and I keep discovering more, some posted several years ago. As of today only, here are some of my favorites.

The annual SciPy conferences, held each year in the US and Europe, post videos of the presentations in dedicated channels each. They provide an enormous amount of information on the rapid developments in Python.  You can find the SciPy 2016 talks here, and one of my favorites is “Python and R Together at Last: Writing Cross Language Tools,” by Bill Lattner:

There are many talks and videos on cloud computing. Eli the Computer Guy has a fine introduction to cloud computing, intended as a class:

Some of my favorites though are talks and interviews on the history and philosophy of computing that are hard to find anywhere else. Here is Grady Booch of IBM talking on The History (and the Future) of Software:

It is part of the Computer History Museum channel.

Here is the Professor Linux himself, Linus Torvalds (very funny in parts):




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