The 8th Extremely Large Databases Conference and Workshop

These annual workshops that discuss ” …the real-world challenges, practical considerations, and nuts-and-bolts solutions in the realm of managing and analyzing extreme scale data sets.”  The attendees include Big Data users from industry and science, developers, researchers, and providers. This year’s topics were:

  • Integrating statistical tools with databases and clouds
  • Big Data centers
  • Current practices, and unsolved challenges in Big Data
  • Urban science.

PDFs and videos all the talks are on-line at, and there is a youTube channel at

If you are interested in Big Data and its challenges, these talks are well worth a look.

Two of my favorites are
“R in the World: Interfaces between Languages,” by John Chambers, and “Critical Technologies Necessary for Big Data Exploitation,” by Stephen Brobst. You can watch them on the youTube channel (the embed codes appear to be incorrect, so I can’t post them here).

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