A new blog on computational and software matters

My colleague Dan Katz has started a new blog, called Daniel S. Katz’s Blog and I wanted to take advantage of Astronomy Computing Today to recommend it to you. Dan is one of the team that built the Montage software. He is now the lead at NSF for the Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation, SIprogram (see http://nsf.gov/si2), which funds around 100 projects, and he is one of the founders of the annual Working Towards Sustainable Software for Science Practice and Experiences workshops.

Dan’s blog concerns itself with issues related to software sustainability, and he has so far written posts on topics such as

  • Open Source Software and University Intellectual Property Policies
  • Catalogs and Indices for Finding (Scientific) Software
  • Project CRediT and Contributorship Roles
  • Thinking about Open Peer Reviews

If you are interested in these topics, I recommend taking a look. I look forward to more interesting posts from Dan.

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