Videos From the 2014 Sagan Summer Workshop On-line

The NASA Exoplanet Science Center (NEXScI) hosts the Sagan Workshops, annual themed conferences aimed at introducing the latest techniques in exoplanet astronomy to young researchers. The workshops emphasize interaction with data, and include hands-on sessions where participants use their laptops to follow step-by-step tutorials given by experts.  This year’s conference topic was “Imaging Planets and Disks”.  It covered topics susch as

  • Properties of Imaged Planets
  • Integrating Imaging and RV Datasets
  • Thermal Evolution of Planets
  • The Challenges and Science of Protostellar And Debris Disks…

You can see the agenda and the presentations here, and the videos have been posted here. Some of the talks are also on youtube at

The presentations showcase the extraordinary richness of exoplanet research. If you are unfamiliar with NASA’s exoplanet program, Gary Lockwood provides an introduction (not available for embedding – visit the web page). My favorite talk, of many good ones, was Travis Barman speaking on the “Crown Jewels of Young Exoplanets.”



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