dot Astronomy 5 Conference From A Distance

Last week, the fifth annual dot Astronomy conference was held in Cambridge, MA. This event is a little different from other conferences: its goal is to advance the use of new compute technologies in the service of astronomy, from computing at scale to data mining and social media.  The invited talks this year shows the scope of the contents of these meetings:

  • A Smarter Zooniverse – Stuart Lynn, Zooniverse
  • Astronomy Blogging and Astrobites – Elisabeth Newton, Harvard
  • Crowdsourcing a High Dynamic-Range Image of the Entire Night Sky – David Hogg, NYU
  • The dotAstrophysics Data System – Alberto Accomazzi, SAO
  • An Experiment in Supporting the Public in Research & Publishing Results – Laura Trouille, The Adler Planetarium and Northwestern University
  • EyeWire – Amy Robinson, EyeWire
  • Communication Strategies: How do you Organize a Party in Space? You Planet – Amanda Bauer, Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)
  • The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery – Tony Hey, Microsoft Research

I hope the videos and slides from these talks are all linked soon. Much of the fun at dot Astronomy comes from “unconference” sessions, which are proposed at the meeting and voted on by attendees, and “hack days,” where attendees spend a day doing collaborative development projects, again chosen at the meeting. I will write more detailed accounts of these various projects in later post.

You can follow the festivities at the meeting’s youTube and U stream channels, and the blogs for days one, two, and three.

Robert Simpson posted a philosophical perspective on his  blog Orbital Frog.

Here is a sample video from one of the sessions on Day One:

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