Amazon Web Services Webinar: What Is Cloud Computing

Last week, Jeff Barr of Amazon Web Services gave a Webinar that set out to answer the question “What Is Cloud Computing?” The webinar is now on-line at YouTube, and you can also grab the slides at

The topics covered were
• What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?
• What are AWS’s products and what workloads can I run with them?
• Who is using the cloud and what are they using it for?

The video is definitely from an Amazon point-of-view and the examples are from business, but the video nevertheless gives a good introduction to the on-demand nature of cloud computing and how to use it (timings below approximate):

0:00 – 7:00  – What is cloud computing and what benefits does it offer?

7:00 -14:00  – Who are Amazon’s customers and how are they using the cloud?

14:oo-35:00 – What are Amazon’s products and services?

35:00-40:00 – How to deploy and administer services?

40:00-47:00 – Building and maintaining apps in the Amazon cloud.

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