Data Visualization from Data to Discovery: A One Day Symposium

On May 23, 2o13, Caltech, JPL and the Art Center College of Design held a one-day symposium on Data Visualization from Data to Discovery, and the talks  have recently been posted on YouTube. The thrust of this multidisciplinary conference was how to use new visualization techniques to mine massive data sets and extract maximal technical content from them.


I would recommend anyone interested in understanding different approaches to visualizing data to take a look at these posted talks:

Scott Davidoff,  Maggie Hendrie, Hillary Mushkin
What is Data Visualization and why are we here?

Jeff Heer
Visualization is not an outcome but a process

Fernanda Viégas & Martin Wattenberg
Designing for both expert insight and public consumption

Jer Thorpe
Data visualization is to reduce, reveal and farm for ideas

Golan Levin
Broad sampling of design strategies for visual comparison

Eric Rodenbeck
The Internet is the telescope, we are the subjects

Anja-Silvia Goeing
Examples from “analog” visualization from the 16th Century to today

My favorite talk is Jeff Heer’s presentation on “Visualization is not an outcome but a process.” This is the talk that may be of most interest to astronomers. I include Jeff’s abstract below.

“Data analysis is a complex process with frequent shifts among data formats and models, and among textual and graphical media. We are investigating how to better support this lifecycle of analysis by identifying critical bottlenecks and developing new methods at the intersection of data visualization, machine learning and computer systems. Can we empower users to transform and clean data without programming? Can we design scalable representations and systems to visualize and query big data in real-time? How might we enable domain experts to guide machine learning methods to produce better models? Jeffrey Heer presents selected projects that attempt to address these challenges and introduce new tools for interactive visual analysis.”

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