The known and unknown pioneers of modern computing

This topic is perhaps a little outside the normal scope of my blog, but I read a very good article last week in the International Science Grid This Week (ISGTW). The article honored the June birthdays of two computer science giants, Alan Turing and Konrad Zuse, and presents a concise biography of each. The tragic story of Turing and his eventual suicide is well known.

Statue of Turing in Sackville Park, Manchester UK. Image credit: CC-BY-SA |Wikipedia user Lmno.

Zuse is far less famous than Turing. His breakthroughs, deemed “unimportant by the Nazis, included building the Z3 computer, which could do floating-point math (crucial for engineering purposes) and which worked in binary. You can learn more about him here.

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2 Responses to The known and unknown pioneers of modern computing

  1. mH says:

    Radiolab had an interesting ep about Turing’s life and how his personal life, however tragic, probably helped shape his relationship with machines.

  2. Steve B says:

    Spot on re: Zuse – for humanity, unfortunate timing for his talents. Wonder how the Allied cryptographic successes would have fared against recognition and application of his work by the Axis?

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