The Virtual Astronomical Observatory Rolls Out Science Services!

At the 219th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, held from January 8th through 12th, the Virtual Astronomical Observatory (VAO) held a workshop entitled “Tools For Data Intensive Astronomy.”  There, the VAO project demonstrated its first set of science services, and provided links to screencasts to help new users get started. These services are as follows; I provide links to screencasts on YouTube, but you can also download them in MP4 format from the VAO Science Tools Page.

Data discovery tool: (version 1.1) Retrieves astronomical data about a given position or object in the sky.

Cross-Comparison Tool (version 1.0 beta 1)
Performs fast positional cross-matches between an input table of up to 1 million sources and common astronomical source catalogs that may contain records of billions of sources.

Iris: Spectral Energy Distribution (SED) Analysis Tool (version 1.0)
Finds, plots, and fits spectral energy distributions (SEDs).

Time Series Search Tool (version 1.0 beta 1)
Discovers time-series data from three major archives & analyzes them with the NASA Exoplanet Archive periodogram application.

Disclosure: I am the Project Manager for the VAO.

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