Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI

This annual, international software conference was held in Paris, France, from November 6 through 11, and was attended by roughly 300 people. This year’s topics were:

  • GPUs in Astronomy and Beyond
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization
  • Statistical Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Operating Observatories
  • Solar Astronomy
  • Virtual Observatory
  • Long Term Preservation of Analysis Capabilities in Astronomy Software

There were tutorials on Statistical Computing for Astronomy with R and An Introduction to GPU Computing for Astronomy.

Many of the slides for the presentations are linked from the conference schedule page.  The overarching theme this year was on the need for high-performance computing in the age of the data tsunami. My own presentation was on this topic; see this earlier post.

Some of my favorite talks are described in what follows. Chris Fluke and his colleagues gave an excellent series of talks on the power of GPU’s for number crunching applications, and emphasized the need for rigorous evaluation of applications to determine the possible benefits of running them on GPU’s.  Wes Armour and Ben Barsdell talked about how GPU’s have been used in the discovery of millisecond radio transients. Damien Gratadour explained how GPU’s may be applied to adaptive optics modeling for the next generation of optical telescopes. Will O’Mullane described the use of cloud technologies at ESA.

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