Cloud Presentation at UK e-Science 2011

Well, back from vacation a little early! Today, I gave a talk at the UK e-Science 2011 Conference in York, England. The theme for this year’s meeting is Towards the Cloud: Infrastructures, Applications, Research.  I was asked if I would post my presentation on The Application of Cloud Computing To Scientific Workflows: A Study Of Cost and Performance (by Berriman, Deelman, Juve, Rynge and Volcker). The talk describes the results of a comparative study of the cost and performance of running three applications on the Amazon Cloud, and the results of processing the Kepler public data sets on commercial and academic clouds.

Here is the link to the PDF file (26 MB):


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One Response to Cloud Presentation at UK e-Science 2011

  1. John Rachlin says:

    Thanks for your presentation. Very informative look at the cost-effectiveness of cloud-based computing for scientific applications.

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