GridCafe: Learn About Grid Computing

A number of people have asked if there is a good on-line resource where they can learn about Grid Computing. I can recommend It explains what grids are in straightforward language:

“Imagine several million computers from all over the world, and owned by thousands of different people. Imagine they include desktops, laptops, supercomputers, data vaults, and instruments like mobile phones, meteorological sensors and telescopes…

Now imagine that all of these computers can be connected to form a single, huge and super-powerful computer! This huge, sprawling, global computer is what many people dream “The Grid” will be.”

GridCafe describes Grids in the context of IT history, and explains how Grids are used in real-world applications. For the technically minded, it offers a series of video tutorials on how to get started. A sample video, on how to submit jobs to Grids, is posted below:

This video is part of the 12th EGEE screencast on Grid Computing.

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