A Training Roadmap for New HPC Users

The TeraGrid 11 conference was held in Salt Lake City, July 18-21, 2011. The goal of the conference is to “..showcase the capabilities, achievements, and impact of the TeraGrid in research and education.”  I will write about some of the talks that interested me here on Astronomy Computing Today. One of the talks that took my eye was A TrainingRoadmapForNewHPCUsers by Mark Richards and Scott Lathrop (NCSA). They start by pointing out that 95% of HPC users are trained as scientists, and proceed to describe their ideas for educating the growing body of HPC users to get the most out these powerful resources.

They presented a web based flowchart (shown above) developed in consultation with the HPC community whose nodes represent the important skills needed in the HPC world.  Each node links to a description and resources, such as videos, articles and books. Their goal is to use the chart to capture new users quickly, and to use community feedback to evolve and improe this service.

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