The “Innovations in Data Intensive Astronomy” Workshop

This week, I attended the “Innovations in Data Intensive Astronomy” Workshop, hosted by NRAO at Green Bank, West Virginia.  The workshop aimed to “.. encourage new ideas for the effective processing, analysis, and interpretation of Tera- to Peta-scale data sets and to promote the establishment of collaborations to develop those ideas.”

The workshop had 40+ attendees, and was broadcast on UStream, where you can listen to some of the talks.  There were invited presentations by, among others, Joe Lazio, Michael Wise, Bob Hanisch and Alex Szalay.

I gave an invited talk (Note: 36 MB!) which described how the  Montage image mosaic engine was one of the applications used to investigate the cost and performance of cloud computing in running science applications. The talk went on to describe the implications of “big data” for  astronomy as a community, how it will require new models for developing and maintaining software.

One of the slides in my talk

One of the slides in my talk

In future posts, I will describe the workshop in more detail.

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