Introducing the Digital Scientist

The International Science Grid This Week has now become the  Digital Scientist. The change reflects the modern landscape of scientific computing in this era of the “data tsunami,” where clouds, high performance clusters and grids, as well as the humble multicore desktop, are all powerful weapons in the scientist’s arsenal.

The Digital Scientist will have features on science as well as technology developments. The first issue has articles on the KM3NeT, an underwater neutrino detector,  and on building a grid-enabled cluster in the Amazon cloud. The editors intend to expand the interactive features of the site in the very near future.

A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV): an unmanned remote controlled underwater robot connected to the surface via an electrical cable. Tools like this will be used to build KM3NeT deep underwater on the Mediterranean seabed. Image courtesy of 2007: Exploring the Inner Space of the Celebes Sea.

Components responsible for the operation of the cluster. The web interface is provided by a python script ( which also provides the Elastic Site Manager (ESM) that monitors Torque's Job-queue and launches and kills compute nodes as needed. Credit: Willem Toorop and Alain van Hoof.

If you are interested in developments in computing and the science that can be done with them, I would recommend checking it out.

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